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Pixel-Me is the pixelart character-generation tool, whose results you may have seen around social media or in bumblebee's game GhostControl Inc.
Make your own pixelart-portrait for your social media profiles, create images of your friends and family or use it to depict your team or for ingame-artwork.

During the last six years, I handcrafted hundreds of custom pixelart portraits, storing all the different parts created for these images. With a total now of over 700 elements like noses, beards, eyes and the likes this tool will allow you to create billions of diferent images of virtually any person.

Just some of the many various images you can make with Pixel-Me

Random functions for the individual parts of the overall image will help you generate a wide range of different characters and most layers can be activated or hidden, corresponding to your needs.

You can move elements up and down, shuffle or deactive them

Pixel-Me currently comes with:

  • 23 Backgrounds
  • 4 Foreheads
  • 6 Necks
  • 48 Chins
  • 15 pairs of Ears
  • 86 pairs of Eyes
  • 37 Noses
  • 117 Lips
  • 188 Hairstyles
  • 50 pairs of Eyebrows
  • 82 Beards
  • 20 set of Clothes
  • 27 Decorative elements (usable twice)
  • 39 pairs of Glasses

I expect to update the app every once in a while with new elements.

If you have any specific requests or should stumble across a bug, please feel free to post them on https://trello.com/b/aKE7Uk2y/pixel-me

The results are yours to use in any way, both personal and commercial. Files are saved as PNGs and editable Pixel-Me files.

For the time being, Pixel-Me unfortunately only supports one specific skin tone. I am working on a solution for that.

Version history:
v1.11: Fixed two bugs related to the save/load screen
v1.10: Added Mac-version, made "Open Folder" multiplatform-compatible
v1.00: Initial release


Buy Now14.99€ EUR or more

In order to download this tool you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of 14.99€ EUR. You will get access to the following files:

Pixel-Me v1.11 Windows 4 MB
Pixel-Me v1.11 Mac 6 MB

Development log


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I just toyed a bit with the tool and it's very responsive ... and I already have another request xD : it would be awesome if backgrounds were not mandatory. Unless I'm mistaken, I saw no option de "deactivate" the background. It would be cool to be able to have the character only without the bg.

Also, beside my request for african chars, it would be cool to be able to "ajust" the colors of current chars , actually this would be very useful for a more accurate "rendering".

Regarding the toning of the characters: That's exactly what I am trying to do. I want to add a color-field that you can use to set the characters skin-tone by setting it to a specific color. If I get this to work properly, it could get extended to eye-color and clothes as well.

I already have transparent backgrounds on my list, shouldn't be too much of a problem. I'm sure v1.2 is going to bring a lot of neat features.

Thanks for your feedback!

Yeaaaaaaaah, can't wait to get my hand on 1.2  .

Thank you for your hard work. ^^

Also I tried to add my request as comment on trello, but it did not seem to be possible. I would like to request more african traits (I'm black african, so I would like to make some pixel portrait for my relatives and I). Thanks

(Edited 1 time)

That is something I've got very high on my list. I made some african portraits in the past, but had to do so manually. I am working on a solution to automate that for the app. I'll keep you updated! Trello is not open to be edited by the public, unfortunately,  but I'll add your request right away.

Thanks for the very fast reply. Sorry I have not noticed it before. I just tried to buy the software right now, but it is not letting me to. Is there another way to buy (that does not involve paypal or to pay you directly and get the key?). The visa card I have my money on seems not to be working with paypal at the moment.

EDIT: my bank fixed the issue. I'm finaly on board ^^

I just noticed that you are gonna realse this on Steam too. If I buy it now (because I really want to xD) , will I get a steam key when the steam version is out? (I'm kind of a steam junkie ^^).

Yes, luckily itch.io offers support for sending out Steamkeys to existing users and I will happily use that. Glad to see you onboard!

Then I'm looking forward to it. I can't wait to have my hand on this little jewel ^^


is it possible to make portraits of kids using this tool? 

That  depends on the age. I'd say anything beyond 11 might work. However, I just added a smaller body to the Requests-list, as that might strongly enhance the childish look. Will try to add it to the tool ASAP.


I love it!

A medieval version of this would be amazing


Just added your request to https://trello.com/b/aKE7Uk2y/pixel-me
Will be considered for the next update. Thank you!