Preview of Pixel-Me v1.2

Hey, guys.

I'm pretty hyped and proud to show you what's coming up for Pixel-Me v1.2, so here's a first preview:

Besides adding "lock"-buttons for all elements that will prevent those locked items from being shuffled when clicking the "Random"-button, I also added color-swatches for hair, background and clothes, allowing you to freely change those items color!

Hopefully, v1.3 will extend this feature to affecting the skin- and eyecolor as well, but that's going to be way more complex. As skin is found in several elements including non-skintone parts (like eyes mouth and eyebrows), I will need to come up with a 2D-shader affecting skintones only and will have to rework all skin-graphics.

For the time being, I will focus on finishing v1.2, for which I will have to rework all hair-, background- and cloth-items and delete doubles, whose only difference was color.

I expect v1.2 to be complete in time for the apps Steamlaunch on June the 29th. You will be able to request Steamkeys for free here on, should you have already bought the app before.

Let me know what you think about the new features!



Pixel-Me v1.11 Windows (older version) 4 MB
Jun 01, 2018
Pixel-Me v1.11 Mac (older version) 6 MB
Jun 01, 2018

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